Family Lawyer

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Your Family Lawyer: Former Department of Human Resources Social Worker (DHR)

The family law practice of Jackie Brown embraces many issues and problems besides divorces. Our clients include people seeking to enforce child and spousal support decrees, adoptions, child custody, and unmarried person’s representation includes child support and child custody, visitation rights of the non custodian parent, and modifications due to some material change in circumstance since the last court order.

I am blessed in that I have gained the knowledge of family functions and dynamics as a practicing Social Worker for eight years. This knowledge helps me in my practice because many times the Department of Human Resources is involved in family law cases, i.e. custody of children and child support.

In Alabama, child custody and visitation requires consideration of the best interests of the child. These cases are very emotionally charged and time sensitive. A comprehensive assessment is necessary to determine the legal and factual defenses involving your case. This area of the law requires knowledgeable, compassionate, and responsive representation that my office provides. I will diligently work to obtain favorable outcomes for my clients while maintaining the sensitivity and attention necessary to ensure that the needs and interests of your children remain paramount.


My office is committed to maintaining an open line of communication to insure the clients are reasonably informed about the status of their case.  Even with the above goal in mind, unfortunately an amicable agreement may not be accomplished between the couple and court appearances, settlement negotiations up to the day of trial and even a trial may be the final resolution in dissolving the marriage. With a New Year sometimes comes changes in different areas of the law, which is the case in divorces involving alimony and retirement.  Make sure you consult and employ a competent lawyer who is knowledgeable about those changes in the law.

Child Custody

I recognize that child custody is your top priority as these judgments will shape your children’s future. These cases require experience and compassion, and I will work to ensure that an effective parental agreement can be met under the law or that the court makes the right judgment regarding the custodial arrangement. Whether our clients are seeking initial custody order, notification of custody/visitation, or adjudication of custody rights in a foreign jurisdiction, our office has the resources and knowledge to achieve a successful result.

In determining the child’s best interest, the Court looks at certain factors, including the following:

  • Each of your desires for the child to develop a close relationship with the other parent
  • Each of your history abiding by agreed-upon schedules and behaving reasonably and flexibly with the other parent
  • The historical care of the child during the marriage and separation
  • Each of your abilities to provide a stable and healthy environment for the child
  • Any history of domestic abuse or child neglect, criminal behavior, substance abuse or parental alienation
  • Any history of providing false information regarding the other parent
  • Each of your histories of involvement regarding the child’s schooling and healthcare

Resolving your case amicably is my ultimate goal, if at all possible. If not, then I will use my knowledge and expertise to assure that your interests are well represented before the Court in a contested hearing or final hearing.

Child Support

While formulaic, at times some child support disputes can sometimes involve complex issues requiring creativity and the ability to think outside the box. Our highest priority is to protect the best interests of your children and ensure that they are satisfactorily provided within the confines of the law. State   guidelines provide the foundation for determining child support payments. Consult with my office and we can work with you on covering all the necessary terms.

Our attorneys will work diligently to put your mind at ease during this trying time and will handle all aspects concerning child support agreements including:

  • Creating a child support order
  • Modifying an existing child support agreement
  • Enforcement of an existing child support agreement
  • Termination of a child support order

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