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Child Support Attorney in Mobile, Alabama

Child support is money that one parent pays to the child’s custodial parent to assist the custodial parent with the costs of raising a child. Under the law, both parents of a child are responsible for supporting their children. The amount of money the non-custodial parent will be required to pay the custodial parent in child support will depend on a formula that the state uses to determine each parent’s obligation to pay. The formula takes into account both parents’ incomes and then calculates the proportional payment that should be made, relative to both parents’ incomes.

At Jackie Brown: Attorney at Law, I am a child support lawyer who can assist you with estimating the child support amount the non-custodial parent may be required to pay under Alabama law. I will work diligently to put your mind at ease during this time and can handle all aspects concerning child support matters including:

  • Creating a child support order

  • Modifying an existing child support order

  • Enforcement of an existing child support order

  • Termination of a child support order

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Putting a Child Support Order in Place

When will a child support order be put in place? According to the Alabama Department of Human Resources, child support orders are put in place during separations, paternity cases, divorce cases, or in foster care cases.

If you are going through a divorce, child support will be part of your divorce settlement and parenting plan. If you are going through a separation, it may be required to get a court order to get the non-custodial parent to pay child support. Because separation agreements are often informal, separating parents are often wise to reach out to a child support lawyer to secure child support orders and to put a sound parenting plan in place.

Establishing Paternity

If paternity is not established, a court order may be required. This may require genetic testing if the father refuses to acknowledge paternity. At my firm, I can assist you with getting a child support order or assist you with getting the state to enforce a child support order if the child’s non-custodial parent is not paying child support.

Child Support Orders Attorney in Mobile, Alabama

The state of Alabama can take several steps when it comes to enforcing a child support order when the non-custodial parent refuses to pay child support. The state may be able to garnish wages, intercept a tax refund, or take other steps to ensure that child support payments are made. If you have questions about the enforcement of a child support order, I can assist you, so reach out today to schedule a consultation.