Advocating for the Rights of Individuals for More Than 25 Years.

Advocating for the Rights of Individuals for More Than 25 Years.

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We are working to avoid disruptions caused by COVID-19 coronavirus, while at the same time acting responsibly to do what we can to prevent further spread of the virus and keep all our clients safe. We are now mandating all clients for in person office meetings to wear a mask and using hand sanitizer upon entering the building. Due to the mandatory social distancing requirements and some client’s preference my office offers consultation and further contact regarding your case by Phone and Zoom conferencing.

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Divorce lawyers and family attorneys in mobile, Alabama

COMPETENT, INTEGRITY, TENACIOUS, RELIABLE, WISE, these are just a few attributes you will encounter and realize upon your first meeting with me. If I could be totally candid with you, I would tell you my life story is a celebration and testament of a life that has been lived with courage, perseverance and Faith in God to do what man said could not be done because of the “family tree.”

Client Reviews

Efficient and very helpful! She took my situation as it was, and provided all the support I needed for an easy and timely divorce. Highly recommend her!
Mari R.
Jackie Brown As an attorney was the best decision I could have made. She was very professional and cared deeply for all aspects of my case. She treated my family... read more
Clinton H.
Great Attorney who truly cares, is fair.Reasonable prices.
My child is my entire world. Mrs. Brown knew that and treated this case as such. Mrs. Brown helped me fight a child custody case all the way from SC!! She went out of her way to keep communication a key factor since I couldn’t be any closer. Even though we were so far away, Mrs. Brown worked endlessly to make sure that I didn’t lose my baby, and the results showed exactly that. We Won!! I didn’t have to come all the way to Alabama because of Mrs. Brown’s efforts! Everything paid off! She kept it truthful, honest, and assured me it would be hard, but she stuck by my side and helped me through everything. She never hesitated when I asked for help, and reassured me that she would do everything she could to help us get through this, and that’s exactly what she did! Mrs. Brown is truly a blessing!
Attorney Jackie Brown is a woman with dignity, integrity, dedication, compassionate, caring, supportive, understanding, when it comes to her client’s concerns and safety. Her office together with her secretary was very accommodating and helpful in all my needs and inquiries. I hired her as my divorce lawyer Month of January 2021. I was amazed and surprised the outcome which is super fast the result, now finally over. She’s very prompt taking care things concerning the process. Her ability and ethics is highly recommended to all the people who need support, advice or a representation in any legal aspects. Im grateful, thankful and blessed for choosing because her price is reasonable but given you a highest quality of services she offered…
When I first discovered that a would need legal help in a situation that I had no clue about. Attorney Jackie Brown came to my rescue. I can genuinely say God led me to this woman because, I live in Texas and all I had was the internet to assist me with hiring a strong representative in Alabama. From the beginning she told me, that this would be one of the biggest test I would ever encounter in my life, and she was so right. She was honest and helpful during the entire process and worked OT to assist me with obtaining custody of my Daughter. I sat back and watched her work magic in Trial Court on October 18th 2017. I was so impressed with her delivery and drive in the beginning, she never even had a chance to present her full discovery during trial court…