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Juvenile Criminal Law Attorney in Mobile, Alabama

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In today’s society having access to a competent attorney is more crucial than ever before. In accordance with the laws of the State of Alabama and the United States Constitution, every citizen in America charged with a crime is entitled to be defended by an attorney of his or her choosing or be provided one free of charge if it is determined you cannot afford a lawyer.

Prior to entering private practice in 2004, I worked as an Assistant District Attorney for the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office.  While employed as an Assistant DA, I prosecuted cases in Juvenile, District, and Circuit Court. 

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As a criminal defense attorney, my cases comprise about forty percent of my total cases.  I represent defendants in the state, local, and juvenile court systems.

As a former Assistant District Attorney for three years, I have a slight advantage over many criminal defense attorneys, in that I know, firsthand, exactly what it takes to prosecute a case.  I know when the state’s evidence is strong enough to get a conviction. I also recognize quickly and efficiently when there are weaknesses in the state case, even if they are trying to convince me otherwise.

My Services

When I have been retained on a criminal case, as soon as discovery is given, I am tearing apart the evidence to see if the state has a strong case against the defendant. 

  • Who are the victims and witnesses? 

  • Are they credible or potential bias witnesses for the state? 

  • Was the search unreasonable and so egregious that a motion to suppress would be granted?

  • Were any of the Defendant’s constitutional rights violated, i.e. searches, confessions, Miranda warning? 

Every case is different. Although some cases will have similar facts, it’s very unlikely that the two cases are exactly the same. Criminal attorneys must individualize each case and advise you, the client, accordingly. While I am advising you and advocating for you, the ultimate decision (whether to plea or go to trial) should always be yours.

I believe that everyone deserves fairness in the criminal justice system and it is my ethical as well as moral responsibility to provide nothing less than a vigorous defense for my clients. My primary objective is to ensure that they are afforded every opportunity, advantage, and resource the legal system offers. In this philosophy, I will not waiver for it is the only way that I know to remain true to my clients and myself.