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How might Prichard family law attorney Jackie Brown resolve family law actions in Alabama?

Prichard AL Divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Jackie Brown can assist individuals who need family law legal counsel.  Successful family outcomes

result from a personal understanding of the role and importance of the Department of Human Resources on the stability of families undergoing divorce actions. Attorney Brown’s past experience as a social worker gives her a working insight to her over fifteen years of family law experience as an attorney in Mobile, Alabama. Divorce is one of the most stressful life events according to the Holmes and Rahe stress inventory scale.  An Prichard Alabama family law lawyer can provide legal solutions that may anchor divorcing individuals as they adjust to changes that divorce and child separations may cause, including harmful impacts to finances that may involve losing a family home, and emotional matters involving children.

Prichard Alabama divorce actions.

Divorce actions can be time consuming and cause emotional and financial battles that require professional support from divorce lawyers in Prichard Alabama where a person can file for divorce if they meet the basic state requirements.

Residency.  At least one party to the divorce action must prove they were a resident of Alabama for six months before filing for divorce.

No fault. Technically Alabama is not a “no-fault” divorce state, but when parties to a divorce want a no-fault divorce, the courts will recognize either “incompatibility of temperament,” or “irretrievable breakdown” as the cause of the divorce. Testimony from one spouse is sufficient to determine incompatibility and proceed with a divorce.

Fault.  A fault divorce action can be more effective in favorable settlement outcomes for the non-fault party.  Fault actions include:

  • Adultery
  • Felony conviction
  • Willful abandonment for at least one year
  • Confinement to a mental hospital for five years
  • Imprisonment for two years with sentence of at least seven years
  • Habitual drunkenness, or drug use
  • Both parties living separately for a period of time before formal divorce action
  • Physical or sexual abuse upon the petitioner, or child(ren) of a divorce action

Separation.  It is not necessary to file formal paperwork to begin a separation in Alabama, but one of the parties to the marriage will need to move out of the family home.  Couples may draft a separation agreement to make it easier when divorce proceedings begin.

Complete paperwork.  Although the complaint form is the initial first step to end a marriage, other terms for the divorce must be put in writing and agreed to by divorcing parties, referred to as a “marriage settlement agreement.”  A copy of the agreement will need to be filed with the County Clerk’s Office where the divorce proceeding is filed and parties should keep 2 copies for backup and service to the other spouse.

Service. Proof of service is a requirement of a divorce proceeding in Alabama and can be accomplished through personal delivery, first class certified with return receipt, sheriff, or constable service, and when a spouse cannot be located, through publication in a local newspaper for four consecutive months without response.

Child Support in Prichard Alabama.

Prichard AL Child support attorneys can assist with filing distinctions when children are involved, including a child support information sheet; support obligation income affidavits; child support guidelines forms in Prichard AL; and a child support guideline notice of compliance.

 Parental education requirements.

 Alabama courts have the right to require divorcing parents with minor children to complete a parenting class before granting a divorce. The Family Law Court Judge has discretion and may require divorcing parents to take a parenting class.

Prichard AL Child custody law.

A Prichard Alabama child custody lawyer can clarify child custody laws, as they pertain to both parents’ legal responsibility to children. Legal battles involving custody are best addressed with an experienced child custody attorney in Prichard Alabama as the outcomes can be devastating to both parents and children.

Physical custody – custody that is in the best interests of the child, considering a multitude of factors such as age, parental preference, mental and physical health of parents, child’s community, school, and home environment; parental history of violence; relationship with child and moral standing. A Prichard  AL Custody lawyers’ expertise is a vital element of successful custody outcomes for divorcing parties.

  • Visitation in Prichard AL – a parent not granted custody, or joint custody of a child is entitled to reasonable visitation rights unless the court finds after a hearing, that visitation would not be in the best interest of the child.
  • Family violence impact – in cases involving a history of committing family violence, or domestic abuse, including sexual abuse, a custody attorney in Prichard AL can be instrumental in a court’s determination of custody awards, or visitation in accordance with Alabama State Laws regarding family violence.
  • Marital settlement agreement – a formal agreement between the divorcing parties spelling out agreed upon terms regarding child custody, finances, dependent care, shared visitation, and expenses.  

Financial matters.

  • Alimony in Prichard  AL– financial support to a divorced party from their former spouse, usually the main financial provider of the marriage, by order of the court  to maintain stability for the non-working spouse.
  • Child support – financial support based on parental income that will cover living expenses related to childcare, insurance costs, education, and extracurricular activities of children. An Alabama family law attorney can go over the Child Support Guidelines of the state that need to be completed by both parties to the divorce to clear up disputes regarding transparency of income and assets. Financial support requests and problems can be handled with the assistance of child support lawyers.
  • Distribution of marital assets/liabilities – Alabama courts will encourage both parties to the divorce to come to an agreement about asset and liability distribution and if an agreement cannot be made, the court will intervene.
  • Emergency support – financial support for separated spouses before the divorce can be finalized on spousal/child support matters.

Seek legal counsel.

Individuals should consult with Prichard AL family law Attorney Jackie Brown with questions surrounding family law issues, to diffuse the emotional, financial, and family upheaval associated with divorce and child custody actions.


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