Mobile Alabama couples may experience more stress and possibly divorce during emergencies

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Stressful situations will cause all kinds of issues for married couples. Times of increased uncertainty lead to more arguing, and even separations if the situation becomes serious enough.

Local news for Alabama reported on the stress that couples can experience during extended periods of time together and the possibility of divorce.

Quarantined couples find that keeping their marriage stress free is now more difficult

During the coronavirus outbreak, many couples dealt with additional arguments related to everything from work, shopping, and how children should be parented. Fears over the possibility of contracting and spreading the sickness to the family amplified some of the routine disagreements that couples have.

Financial problems became another source of contention, as they are one of the most common reasons for divorce among couples. Some spouses want to work consistently during the outbreak to keep money coming in, while others are more concerned with the risk and less concerned with their finances.

These have now become national issues. Couples in suburbs, apartments, and even rural areas reported more arguments during the coronavirus quarantine. Therapists and family law attorneys believe that many minor disagreements or personality quirks can become much larger issues in extremely stressful situations. Even arguments over how to deal with simple day to day decisions tested couples’ resolve.

A therapist with the Ackerman Institute for Family in New York described this scenario by saying the stakes are essentially raised with each decision. There is much more likelihood that conflict will occur when couples are spending much more time around each other and there is additional stress associated with the simplest of decisions due to uncertainty. Stress also causes people to lash out at each other more easily.

Attorneys who deal with family law issues are also reporting an increase in calls from clients. They are concerned that bad behaviors will get worse, and some may turn to alcohol or other substances to attempt to relieve their stress, which will certainly not help their situation. This seems to be the most troubling for couples who were already in the process of separating or had already been unhappy in their marriages.

However, more separations and arguing are not definite, as some couples have been getting through their quarantined time without any problems to speak of.

It may be time for a divorce

Individuals in marriages may be in situations where the arguing does not seem to end. If a couple finds that it is time to separate because their problems cannot be resolved, it is best to contact an attorney who handles divorces and other related issues. They can provide guidance that will help during the time of a transition into a new unmarried life.

Learn more about how a family law attorney can assist you

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