Mobile Alabama has an above average divorce rate. How do lawyers assist people during these divorces?

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Mobile Alabama has an above average divorce rate. How do lawyers assist people during these divorces?

Divorce has become a reality of life throughout the country. Many people have been affected by divorces at some point in their life, and divorces are becoming even more common in certain areas. While this is always a stressful event, the legal profession and court systems have adapted to be more helpful and accommodating before, during, and after divorces.

Statistics on the rates of marriage and divorce throughout the state of Alabama

Local news in Alabama reported the findings of a recent study regarding marriage and divorce rates within the state. The summary concluded that people in Alabama are more likely to get divorced than in most other states throughout the country.

The state of Alabama has a higher divorce rate than the national average. About 10.9% of people throughout the nation get divorced, while that number is at 12.3% in Alabama, where it ranks 16th in the nation out of all 50 states. The county of Winston has a divorce rate of over 15%, making it the county where Alabama residents are most likely to get divorced. Perry County also has a high divorce rate relative to the number of people who get married.

The northern part of the state near the Tennessee border contains more counties where residents are likely to get married and stay married than other parts of Alabama further south, including the Mobile metro area. People in Alabama are also slightly less likely to get married in the first place compared to other states.

These findings show that divorce is a definite possibility for married couples anywhere in Alabama. It is also a quite common legal proceeding, despite the stigma attached to ending a marriage and other associated problems that tend to follow with relocation, finances, and child custody.

What are the requirements to get divorced in Alabama?

Each state has its own rules and regulations that govern who can get divorced and how long the process will take. All states have residency requirements that prevent people who have lived in another state from using their courts to file.

Alabama allows for no fault divorce, which means that at least one spouse simply has to tell the court that the marriage has broken down and cannot be fixed. The only other requirements are residency of 6 months within the state and a waiting period of 30 days before the divorce can be finalized. While the state has fault-based grounds for divorces such as adultery, imprisonment and abandonment it is generally not necessary to utilize these grounds, as most divorces can be filed under the no fault system without issue.

How do family lawyers help during this process?

Family lawyers are available to help with divorces and all of the other issues associated with getting a divorce like alimony and custody disputes. These professionals specialize in court hearings, filings, and documentation related to the divorce process. They are familiar with the local family court system, know the local judges, they have relationships with other lawyers and professionals in the legal community, and they can consult with other skilled professionals outside of their offices if they need to.

Clients can tell their attorney what goals they hope to achieve during the divorce process and the lawyer will formulate a strategy and give advice to help reach them. It may also be possible to draft agreements with the other spouse regarding certain issues so that they do not have to be litigated, which saves time and money.

Talk to a local divorce attorney in Mobile

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