Divorce Law

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Divorce Law

Divorce Lawyers in Mobile, Alabama

If you are considering filing for divorce in Mobile, Alabama, Jackie Brown: Attorney at Law is a divorce law firm that may be able to assist you with all aspects of the divorce process. Divorce can be a highly personal decision, but it is also a legal and financial decision that can impact all aspects of your life—from your finances to where your children will live. Jackie Brown is a divorce lawyer who understands what is at stake when it comes to getting divorced. Our divorce lawyer in Mobile, Alabama can assist you today and help you protect your rights. Understanding your rights is important when it comes to dividing assets, dividing debts, drafting a child custody agreement, and finalizing your divorce. Jackie Brown: Attorney at Law is a divorce law firm in Mobile, Alabama that will be with you throughout the entire process, from filing the divorce through trial.

How to File For Divorce in Mobile, Alabama 

Whether your divorce case is contested or uncontested will determine how you’ll file for divorce in Mobile, Alabama. A contested divorce is a divorce case where the couple might not agree about division of assets, debts, child support, or child custody. Additionally, with a contested divorce, the couple may not agree about the reasons or grounds for divorce. In Alabama, there are several grounds for divorce from which you can choose. There are no-fault grounds for divorce and “fault-based” grounds for divorce. While no-fault divorce may be simpler, there may be situations where a fault-based divorce is appropriate or may even be in your best interests when seeking a divorce settlement.

However, if both you and your former spouse agree about all issues related to your divorce, you may be able to file for an uncontested divorce. In order to file for an uncontested divorce, you’ll need to meet Alabama’s residency requirements, prepare all paperwork, complete your divorce settlement and finalize your divorce. If you do not qualify to file for uncontested divorce, you will have to serve divorce papers to your spouse and attend court hearings, and your case may be more complicated.

Regardless of your situation, Jackie Brown: Attorney at Law is a Mobile, Alabama divorce lawyer can assist you. Jackie Brown can take the time to review your situation, help you understand your rights and responsibilities, select the best course forward when it comes to filing for divorce, and taking the next steps. Contact Jackie Brown: Attorney at Law today to learn more.

Divorce is Tough: You Don’t Need to Go It Alone 

Divorce can raise a range of complex legal questions. Many decisions must be made as you navigate the divorce process. The choices you make during your divorce can impact your life for years to come. It is important to get your divorce agreement right the first time. Jackie Brown is committed to maintaining an open line of communication to ensure her clients are reasonably informed about the status of their case. Contact Jackie Brown: Attorney at Law, a Mobile, Alabama divorce lawyer today. Jackie Brown can help you navigate your divorce and assist you with filing paperwork, represent you in court hearings, and help you find a resolution that is best for your family.